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May 28, 2008



The first step in sound fiscal budgeting is to get full-disclosure of property values so the appraisal district can appropriaely set market value for real property. The convention center site (Chavez property) is a prime example of commercial real estate that is grossly under assessed (in relation to true market value).

To this end the city leaders (including the Dallas Citizen Council) should support legislation being offered by Rep. Michael Villareal (State Repressentative from San Antonio) who has sponsered House Bill 133 which will require full-disclosure of property sale prices. Villareal pulled the bill from vote in 2007 but will re-introduce it in 2008. This is a very important piece of legislation, necessary to restore fairness and equity in the ad valorem process.

But I doubt that the Mayor and others will support this legislation, since their primary sponsers are the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce, who are likely to oppose HB 133.


For those interested in getting more information on HB 133 and full-disclosure reform, here is a link to Rep. Michael Villareal's website.


Eric Link

Yeah, full disclosure is essential. We just got news housing is down 3.x% in Dallas, and they want to up property values by 5%? BULL#*#&!

Desert Rat

This mayor & City Council, excepting Angela Hunt, are firmly in the back pocket of Big Business. Like our national government, until the people get tired of being screwed by the monied corporate interests, we're going to continue to get it you-know-where.


Eric, your confusing Dallas with "Dallas." "Dallas" that the DMN so often writes about includes Frisco and Lancaster and all the subprime loans those subdivisions bring with them. Dallas on the other hand includes the still lusted after areas north of downtown and south of LBJ that more than offset the stagnate areas to the south.

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