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May 27, 2008


Desert Rat

Higher crime rates is a great talking point for the Dallas Convention & Business Bureau. Those criminals better make hay while the sun shines because when all that $$$ starts rolling in from the convention center hotel, we'll be awash in cash & can hire all the police we need & then some.


This was predictable. The city is ignorning the little crimes (like graffiti, overcorwing of residential structures and code other enformcement) which leads to more neighborhood decay and criminality.

The remedy is for citizens to take actions for themselves, including joining neighborhood watch groups, securing their own home with alarms, barking dogs, and gun ownership.


The reason burglaries are rising, is because they can't be caught as easy now, along with Bushes crappy economy. With the new law that says the police do not go to an alarm, the bad guys know it gives them ample time to get in and out. The only real solution now, is to fix it yourself. Get alarm sirens put on the outside of your house and spread the word to do this all around the area. That way, people on the outside can see and call the police, or maybe even do away with the criminals all together. Also, another thing, is to put screws that are atleast 2 inches deep into where you locks are. Normal dead bolt locks only have an inch long screw, and the perps just push it in. If you go all the way into the frame, it will be much harder. Unfortunately, I am telling all of you from experience. I was robbed not to long ago, and have learned my lesson. As far as the robbers, they are lucky I was not home. There would be less robbers in the world

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