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May 23, 2008


Chip Northrup

Agree 100%.

WRL is one of Dallas's one last chances to get it right, as was pointed out so eloquently at the meeting.

And this proposed light pollution scheme is Exhibit A on what not to do.

It is emblematic of the mindset at the Parks Department - to pave, to build, to light - to ruin a natural setting with projects.

The lighting scheme for the spillway is equally laughable - a string of globe light fixtures along the parapet = pure Vegas.

So first move towards a master vision would be to remove Parks Department engineers from overall planning process.

They have demonstrated that, left to their own devices, they will pave and light the park to death.

Desert Rat

I have run & cycled around WRL since moving here in 1981 & this is not the first fight over whose vision will shape the lake. I have mixed emotions about lighting as I personally know how dark it is in places; however, I agree that the proposed plan is not the right way to go. I am very concerned about the comments concerning the new trail. Are you implying that we should limit access to runners & cyclists. WRL is the only place in Dallas where runners can go without being in total fear of being run over by automobiles. I love it because it is an urban oasis. Dallas is one of the least runner & cyclist friendly cities that I have ever seen (although I will state that there are some runners & cyclists here who do not know how to share the road either). I cannot remember the last time that the trail on the west side has been improved or maintained. (Check out the very bad condition of the old trail on the east side.) I, too, am not crazy about the bridge over the water at the northwest corner of the lake but what else could be done? Widening the trail at that point was impossible because the trail was basically on the road. Trail improvements & widening were needed because of the increased numbers of runners & cyclists using WRL. If you want to restrict runners & cyclists from using WRL, then just drain it, fill it up & pave over it like they're doing over every natural space in this city.

Eric Link

I agree, white rock is a real chance for Dallas to 'get it right' and make a great place. The problem is that 'get it right' is quite a bit different in meaning to each of us. My feeling is that white rock should be more natural and the trinity river project should be the 'dallas river walk' or 'travis lake' with more paths etc. I wish they would just damn the trinity already and put in a few sidewalks over there - maybe we can refocus the parks dept on that?


Why do the light standards have to be so tall?

Can the Parks Department install lower-level lighting that can still provide safety and not be as intrusive as the taller light standards already in place?

Seems like a simple solution and comprise to me - a no brainer.

Chip Northrup

Suggest you contact Sheffie Kadane's office and asked to be included on the "revised plan" process -

Where all such concerns and inputs can be taken into consideration - for once / at last



It makes me really angry when I see primary colored swing sets uglifying the only rare patches of nature left in Dallas. We have enough playgrounds and ballparks. I sincerely hope they leave this little hunk of nature natural.

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