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Jun 03, 2008


Desert Rat

Rick, I totally agree with what you are saying but that's not the world that we live in anymore. This has been going on for over twenty years & reached its zenith with the election of the bush administration. Hopefully, we will see the pendulum move in the opposite direction but this country has intertwined religion & politics in an unholy alliance that is not going to be untangled any time soon.


I don't know why this is on Back Talk, but since the topic has been raised I will feel free to offer my my 2-cents.

In my opinion the level of bigotry, hatred, and demeaning language coming from the left is predicatably outrageous. Mainstream left almost exclusively thinks of itself as superior to others, and therefore has no problem with mocking, condenscending and vitriol against those that they disagree with.

I put Obama in the same category as Wright, Pfleiger, and Ayers. Obama's comments at the recent San Fransicsco gathering of supports shows he is capable of the same bigotry and derision. His judgement cannot be trusted.

I don't think they (the left and Obama) fundamentally trust the American people. And more importantly, I don't think they fundamentally believe that America is a good and benevolent country.


Just my 2 cents...but this type of post is not why I come to read a LAKEWOOD/EAST DALLAS blog.


I, too, would prefer not to see this kind of post on Backtalk. There are plenty of LOCAL issues that folks from all points of the political spectrum would probably agree on. But once these same folks find out that they are on opposite sides of the national political scene they are less likely to trust each other on local issues. Hell, I'm resisting the urge right now to respond to Robert's comment.

Plus, there are plenty of blogs I can visit for my national politics, but there are far fewer places I can go to find out what's happening locally.


Not a LOCAL Politcal or Religious discussion...

Rick Wamre

First, let me assure you this doesn't represent a sea-change in blog philosophy or posts; it's pretty much all local all of the time. I just had been thinking about this issue in the context of the growing number of failures of neighborhood churches (I failed to mention that in the original post) and thought I would throw it out there to see what happened. And so I have. Second, the post mentions Obama and Hillary, but the link is all about evangelical Republicans; there was no intent to focus on one party over another or one denomination over another. This is just a topic that has been on my mind, and I was curious to see what some of my neighbors thought. That's it.

Rick Casner

I feel for Barack Hussein Obama. He is just on a bad luck streak. I have never heard of someone having so much difficulty finding a good Christian church that is led by a decent human being.

I am sure he and his advisors will finally help him locate a church that is worthy of his membership.


Oh, I think Obama was perfectly happy with his now ex-church until it began to affect his campaign.

I came from an oppressively religious fundie community, and believe me, politics was the cornerstone of the religious rhetoric even way back in the sixties.

I have no problem with Obama's stated platform (but what candidate ever has ANYTHING you can object to on their stated platform?), but the company he keeps makes my skin crawl, and some of them are local political figures that make it crawl the worst.


I agree, wholeheartedly, as a Christian for most of my life, that it is not okay to make fun of people from the pulpit, and nowhere would the bible support such actions.

I disagree with the statement "That's what you do on the steps outside the house of worship, not at the altar inside," however, because the bible doesn't support that kind of behavior either.

What gets is me is how anyone who can claim to be a believer in the bible, love God, and follower of Jesus can justify making fun of other people, etc. For example, in the Chicago Sun Times article, Pfleger states that he didn't realize he was being broadcast or he wouldn't have said it... but I say that keeping it private among the church still wouldn't justify his actions. Even if you make fun of someone behind their back, you're still making fun of them. The issue isn't whether or not they hear it, it's whether or not you say it.
We're all human, and we all screw up. To me, trying to explain it with a flimsy excuse that still doesn't hold up evidences his refusal to admit his error and take full responsibility for his behavior - which is funny, in light of what he had to say about responsibility that day.

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