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Jun 23, 2008



Best wishes with the Cliff Dweller. Will they be part of the Backpage family as well?

I have take a passing notice of the various Backpage sites (Lake Highlands, Far North Dallas, Preston Hollow) it is interesting that Lakewood/East Dallas is by far the most active, vocal and interesting. Oak Cliff will be a comer I bet.


I heard a rumor about this a couple of months ago and was wondering when I would hear more.

Considering I will be moving from East Dallas to Oak Cliff very soon I'm glad I won't be losing a trusted voice. And Robert is right, Oak Cliff may give Back Talk East Dallas a run for their money eventually.

Rick Wamre

Yes, beginning around September, there will be a Balk Talk blog for Oak Cliff. And I think you're right: Cliff Dwellers are passionate about their neighborhood just like Lakewood/East Dallas and Lake Highlands residents are, so it should make for an interesting read.

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