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Jun 30, 2008



Yeah, I read your article. It was kinda silly. It seemed as though you were upset that Dallas' City Council didn't stand up and throw a fit over this non-event. This was just a small part of a very long meeting in HP. It was brought up, they talked about it for a few minutes, and decided against it. Later it was fount that it probably would have been illegal if they actually had done it. It was a non-event. It's not like there were any plans drawn up. Now, it they had proceeded with plans, then it would have become an event and warranted a reaction from Dallas.

I for one am glad that the City Council didn't make a fit about this. There are plenty of other things they should be looking into, like bringing up the economic situation in South Dallas.

Look, people in HP are A$$¶•les, and I'm no fan of the way they have managed to use all of the goods in Dallas without paying for them or helping out with the problems in South Dallas. But that is just the kind of people they are. And always will be.

This was a non-issue. No need to get worked up about it.

Norman Alston

How about we don't object to a toll on Mockingbird if they let us put a DART train line beneath it to connect up Mockingbird Station with Love Field and points west?

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