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Jun 03, 2008



So... It seems obvious to me. Demolish the Arena, build the Hotel in it's place. Walla.

Desert Rat

The solution is simple: the city is subsidizing all the downtown redevelopment, now they're going to subsidize tenants for the condos, they're going to go into the hotel business, why not go into the mall business, too???? Makes sense to me.


Is the actual reunion tower with the lights going too?! I hope not.

Rick Wamre

No, Reunion Tower isn't included in the demolition discussion; it just happened to be in the picture I found. I am under the impression that Reunion Tower is being renovated and should be open again soon.

Michael Davis-Dallas Progress

A clarification; the City Council suspended bookings for Reunion Arena after June 30th, it wasn't because of market conditions.

But let me ask pose this bigger question to y'all...So if Angela or somebody else that you like wants to fight the good fight try to win an uphill battle and see if something can be worked out, it's great. But if Dwaine or Ron Natinsky wants to do the same thing and make some sort of last ditch effort, then there some big problem with it and all of a sudden people are "whining." Why is that?

The next Econ Dev committee meeting is June 16. Is the world going to come to an end because it wasn't moved forward on Monday?

Double standard much? I expected more from you guys.

Rick Wamre

Michael, don't take it personally because I said Mr. Caraway was showboating on this issue. My point was that Center Operating Company isn't going to renegotiate its contract, no matter who asks (Angela included). If Dwaine has another legitimate, workable idea, it's time to hear it (same with Ron and the rest), but renegotiating with the AAC isn't going to happen. Personally, I think that if the numbers in the DMN story are true — Reunion bleeds at $1 million per year but will cost $5 million to tear down — the city should close the building but leave it standing. As a friend said while we talked about this very deal last night on the way back from the Rangers game, "Surely someone in the next five years will come along and figure out a way to reuse the building." That's the breakeven — bleeding a million a year for four to five years is roughly the same as tearing it down today. Heck, we could hide it in the new convention center hotel revenue bond money and we'll forget all about it. And leaving the building standing until the last possible minute is probably the most "green" solution, too, for those interested in that.

Michael Davis-Dallas Progress

Reunion is in a lot better shape on the inside than people think. I say mothball it or wait for a better market.


It may just be my lack of vision (or imagination), but I don't see Reunion ever having the same nostalgia as the Cotton Bowl or the Majestic Theatre (or the Texas or Black Forest). And regardless of the politics and business deals behind the AAC that have left a bad taste in the mouths of some voters, it is a superior facility with better urban planning than Reunion. Unfortunately, Reunion will always be a relic of Downtown Dallas' darkest chapter.

Rick Wamre

A Reunion Tower update on a DMN food blog: Wolfgang Puck will take a supervisory role in the updated restaurant at the top of the tower, which is scheduled to open later this year. Here's the link:

Rick Wamre

Another Reunion update, this time from Angela Hunt's blog: http://www.angelahunt.com/blog/comment.asp?bi=244

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