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Jul 08, 2008


Norman Alston

I love Scalini's and eat there often, but you have hit on a sensitive issue for me also. Recently, we went for a very late dinner, shortly before the restaurant was to close. It was almost empty, yet it took a long time to get the food ordered and delivered. The beer I wanted with my pizza never made it at all.

I finally had to go to the counter and interrupt the gaggle of socializing employees in order to get my check. I am sure your husband would want to know if any of his customers had such an experience. I, however, did not say anything to management because we have not had that kind of problem there in the past. It will not deter me from returning. Now that you have also had such an experience, I hope they get the word soon.


In the past 5 years, I have eaten at, or had take-out from Scalini's probably 100 times. I cannot think of a single instance when the service was bad. Occasionally slow because the restaurant was packed, but not once egregiously inattentive. Sorry you had a bad experience, but that's not the norm for Scalini's.


When any restaurant is busy, the servers are constantly in circulation and able to check all their tables continuously. When it's slow and they just have one table to watch, they can either stand there and stare at you the whole time, or find something else to do or someone to talk to, and are more likely to get distracted. That's obviously not the pinnacle of professionalism, but we're talking about a casual neighborhood place with an average entree less than $10, not Le Cirque.

Lee G.

This snippy litle tirade is just silly. You've taken a lousy experience and universalized it. I also go for lunch outside peak hours at places all over town, and I've never had an encounter such as the one you describe. Get over it.

Will Silverthorn

I frequent Scalini's as well. Though I never feel they pay attention fully to their customers. Angelo's on the other hand are always appreciative.

Christina Hughes-Babb

I like the food at Scalini’s and I wouldn’t totally object to eating there again — I’d certainly get take out. But the thing is, there are so many restaurants trying to succeed in Dallas — so even more than say … Le Cirque, I’d assume the small neighborhood places, especially in this economic climate, would have more to gain by being at their very best during all operating hours. Restaurants all over town are closing from 2-5 (off hours) or on slow days as they are looking to cut costs. So if Scalini’s or any other is going to choose to stay open they should go all out for those customers during slow stretches.

Insofar as this being a “snippy tirade” … you talkin’ to me? I thought I was pretty fair. As for “universalizing” the incident — I was just mustering up a guess based on meandering experiences as to why nice folks at a by and large reputable spot might have been slackin’ off. It's fine to disagree (Lord knows enough people do) but I don't see the need for such an angry tone, Mr. "G.".


Maybe the problem is a surplus of narcissistic young women who, as customers, expect to be treated exactly as they want at all times, and as servers, can't be bothered to let their jobs interfere with their social lives. ;-)

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