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Jul 08, 2008


Norman Alston

There must be something intoxicating about expansion. I have seen so many instances where successful chains got in trouble by expanding too aggressively. They should have known they were in trouble when the Simpsons made fun of the number of stores they had (Bart running down the street, passing Starbucks after Starbucks).


Yeah I thought this was funny when I moved to Lower Greenville. Their are 5 or 6 Starbucks with in walking distance to my house. That's kinda silly. Remember Krispy Kream? Yeah, they thought they wanted to be Starbucks too. The over expansion hit them quicker because people aren't addicted to donuts like they are coffee. Which makes me wonder if the drug trade is slowing due to the economy too?


I guess it's fun to kick someone when they are down. I am not a fan of Starbucks myself but they should be given credit for elevating coffee. I am old enough to remember the only coffee you could get in the grocer store was Folgers or Maxwell House. Now there are dozens of types and styles of coffees at your local store. Also 7-11, McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts have better coffee now because of Starbucks. I prefer Monsoon Malabar which you can get a Central Market.

One last thing I have an economic interest in Starbucks. My daughter works there part time which help pays for her gas going to school. I guess I need to start looking for an electric car for her.

Sarah Burns

Here's a map of Starbuck's closing



NOOOO!!! That's MY Starbucks! Oh, how disappointing. I hope that map is wrong.


Really though, I can't believe they are closing the Starbucks on Greenville and Penrose. Every time I go in there it is packed. I guess now I'm going to have to walk all the way to Mockingbird Station for my overpriced coffee. I personally don like any coffee if I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off.

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