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Jul 10, 2008


Norman Alston

You had better be careful about having wine at public meetings. Been there.


Especially at an East Dallas meeting! But really it wasn't contentious until the Wachovia people got up and a man who lives around the corner got the crowd going about the vacant 'lot' next to the bank and the huge Wachovia sign. I almost felt sorry for the nice Real Estate lady, who is local.

A disappointment about the 'new' building is that there will apparently be no outside patio, which would have been perfect under the trees on the west side. From their plan it appears that there will be a wide, winding sidewalk there instead. I guess it has to do with not being able to open a whole in the building to get that coveted LEED certification.

I think it was funny how the corporate(Gen 8!)-environmental speak was received by some of us longtimers in the crowd. Maybe they have a sunny disposition because they are "light harvesting".


* hole - that really wasn't a pun.


Nothing like booze to quell a (potentially) angry crowd.


I am Kind of glad it wont have a "spa" or be an 80,000 sq ft monstrosity. I have rented in Lakewood for the last 2years and my husband and I are buying our first house in lakewood. We moved from Austin (the far west and Hyde park area for those who know Austin)and think out of Dallas, this is the most "old" austin-y like place. {not like downtown austin is getting now with its posh clubs and ugly high rise condos that will be rented to no doubt 95% pretentious yahoos.} Nor is this area like Plano with big mini mall after mini mall and huge obese stores that push consuming consuming consuming. It is sad though that there wont be a little patio. looks like we'll have to walk down to matts to enjoy patio space during the day or pachugo when it opens (if that will have any outside tables)My hope for this whole foods that it will be a cleaner more organized version of the Greenville location. Something nice and simple where people can shop at instead of having to trek up to Lovers at the central market or fighting through mockingbird traffic to get to krogers.

I think this so called "small" whole foods is perfect fit for our neighborhood. a 2 story pretentious spa/grocery store/community meeting place isnt what lakewood is about. at least that's what i have gathered for the small amount of time that I've lived here and interacted with its inhabitants.

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