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Jul 09, 2008


Norman Alston

Good news. In retrospect, I find it interesting that replacing one grocery store with another could generate so much emotion within the community. I'm glad that anticipation is the current mood.


I think the emotion comes from the "Whole Foods" brand. If this was a Kroger, no one would care. But everyone Loves/Hates Whole Foods/Paycheck. I love the store and would like to shop their more often, but it's just a bit too easy to run by the Kroger just a few blocks away instead.

Bill Kennedy

I think that the whole "marketing emotion" over LEED certification is vastly overrated, but I'll give them credit for at least addressing it. Putting 48 skylights in a building may give them 1-2 points for 'daylight and views' of 75%-90% coverage, but it does diddley squat for energy efficiency.

It sells in 'Marketing 101' bigtime, however.

We discovered this by doing an energy audit for our ICF home plans *before* finalizing our build. WF may as well have 48 holes in their roof, compared to a real roof (with sheetrock or steel panels facing the shopping area) being there instead. LEED totally disregards this area, and it's huge.

It's the same for (ICAT) sealed cans (recessed lights) in the ceiling of a residence. Even though they are "sealed" they are vastly inefficient compared to having sheetrock there instead. Older homes in east Dallas and Lakewood that have retrofitted these 10 years ago are even worse off -- they are not sealed. If you have the old ones, go into your attic at night and look and feel what I mean when the lights and AC are on down below.

Web Mayfield

What's a Lakewood-style welcome column?

Bill Kennedy

If your name is Steve Cospolich, then it's probably this: http://backtalkeastdallas.typepad.com/back_talk/2008/07/deals-and-finds.html


The Lakewood-style welcome column is a reproduction of one of the Tremont Columns in the Junius Heights Historic District. As you may know they were saved (re-located from Tremont and Ridgeway) when Columbia-Abrams was put through - the street car once passed between them.

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