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Aug 13, 2008


Christina Hughes-Babb

Thanks for the post Jeff — I had a lot of thoughts on this one brewing too. Having this crime in the news again has brought up a lot of memories for me too. I was in high school when it happened —Brad Lindsey, one of the victims— had been a student at my school up until a few months before.

Several of my classmates worked in Casa Linda and this crime evoked a lot of fear. Just to hear about this Dorsey guy, and how his life progressed, and the comments he made after he was caught is chilling. I'm not a proponent of the death penalty, but I do feel the world is a better place without this person in it.


That was "my" Blockbuster at the time and while I didn't know the boys who were killed, I must have seen them. What always shocked me was that the police had like 10 minutes of perfectly clear security tape which was repeatedly shown on television, yet they never managed to identify the guy until years later. It was horrible and I think about it every time I pass the store.

And I agree, the guy was classic argument for the death penalty. He was a cancer, causing human misery his entire life. As a tax payer, I would resent paying for him to eat bland jail food, watch tv, and assualt guards and other inmates for the rest of his life.


Brad Lindsey was a childhood friend of mine and a friend all the way until the day he died. We use to play GI Joes and Off Road Cars in his and my front yard, all the time. He was one of a kind and he will always be missed. We grew up in Casa View and he attended all of my B Day parties from the first one on up. One of his favorite music groups was Poison and he played it every morning while he got ready for school. I would hear the music blarin while walking by his house, going to B.A. I see his mother often and do her yard for her when she needs me to.
R.I.P. Brad! I hope that your Mom can Live in Peace now!

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