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Aug 27, 2008



Slap in the face, huh? Well, this is one time I'm glad I'm not affluent, because unwanted newspapers on the lawn cause security problems when one is away from home, waving a big red flag saying "I am not around today, feel free to ransack my home." It's why I eventually was forced to cancel my DMN subscription a few years ago (the special editions).


I didn't, either, and I'm in 75214, just not the really snooty part. Oh, well, one less thing to throw away.

It's strange, since the DMN mailed me a teaser box this week with a sample of one of those one-per-water-bottle drink powder things in it (not a sample of the paper, since that might have turned me against it early). You would think if they would waste money on postage on me, they would waste their own people's time to drop me a free paper.


Dummies at the DMN -- this is the area where people actually have equity in their homes. Most people I know don't even have mortgages.

Oh well, I don't want to read their sychophantic coverage of the Park Cities anyhow..


I hate getting DMN junk left on my lawn. We canceled our subscription ages ago and haven't missed it once. Wonder what the DMN offices would think if someone came in the middle of the night and tossed unwanted advertisements in their front lobby?

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