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Aug 11, 2008


Rick Wamre

What could be the possible basis for assuming a 7 percent increase in property tax rolls? We know that residential values certainly aren't increasing much, if at all, and I doubt that the bump in downtown commercial properties — thanks to the convention center hotel land excursion — compensated for the residential decline or stagnation.


Boy, I really like the idea of fining non-residents $500 for an accident. I do wonder if that is both people or just the 'at fault' individual, my hope is both. I would actually suggest we bump that up and make the people pay $500 per hour for clean up. Think about that. By causing an accident on 75, how much money are you causing people to spend in gas while waiting in the traffic jam you caused. How much money did it cost the city to send out multiple fire trucks and ambulances and police to assist you?

I think that is a great idea, and should probably not be limited to non-residents. Everyone else should not have to pay for your accident.

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