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Aug 06, 2008



How about renaming Marilla to Cesar Chavez instead? This all started at City Hall, it is only fitting and proper that the resolution should involve their own door step.


If you look at the reasons the committee (self-appointed?) gives for renaming Ross, one is because that is where the protest march demanding illegal alien rights was held.

This is not going to bring forth a civil discussion, it's going to attract the sane and the crazies from all over the country.

This is an equal political miscalculation.

Mr. Salazar is saying anything else "is unacceptable" and Dr. Garcia asking longtime Dallasites to disrespect history in order to "show respect" for her community. Their districts do not include Ross and therefore they broach a challenge to the 'respect' tradition from and for each councilperson for decisions in his/her district.

Dallas Diner

If the Dallas City Council wants to honor a Hispanic hero by changing the name of an important downtown street, it would make more sense to pick someone either born in Texas or who made a significant impact in Texas. Caesar Chavez was born in Arizona and did most of his significant work in California. The list of Texas heroes with Hispanic ties is not so short that the City Counsil has to go to Arizona or California to find someone to honor.


Having lived in Austin, where you can date someone's time in the town by what he calls certain streets (I'm in my 30's, as evidenced by the fact that I still call 26th Street "26th" and 1st Street "1st," but call 19th Street "MLK"), I don't have any particular aversion to renaming streets.

But if we must rename a street to "show respect" for the Hispanic community, and if it must be Ross to be renamed, why should we import a name from California? It's not as though Texas has a dearth of great Hispanic figures in its history (e.g., Juan Seguin, Lorenzo de Zavala, Henry B. Gonzalez). Why not rename Ross after a Texan?

david s

What about General Santa Anna Blvd instead of Caesar C… Santa Anna, now there is a Mexican who made a difference in Texas.


I think we need a close look at why this is an issue at all. The problem is that Caesar Chavez was Hispanic. That is the 20 ton Elephant in the room. Why is that so hard to say. If the vote was for a Black leader, like Eddie Bernice Johnson, it would have gone through. If it was for a Jewish leader, it would have gone through. So what is the difference? Why does Caesar Chavez Blvd not market the city? It is because Caesar Chavez was Mexican, and Dallas does not want to be marketed as a Mexican City. I guess City Council figures that San Antonio already has that market. There is some pretty deep seated racism here.


I would argue that the primary problem with calling Industrial or any other street "Ceasar Chavez" is not that Chavez was Hispanic, but that he was a California socialist labor agitator--three things the Citizens Council doesn't like much. I think there would have been a whole lot less pushback if they had tried to name it Seguin Blvd or Guadalupe Ave rather than Ceasar Chavez Blvd.

Desert Rat

All of this is just more much ado about nothing. This city has MAJOR problems/issues to deal with & what is the City Council spending way too much time on: 1) renaming streets for no logical reason other than "image" &, 2) where the zoo is going to send Jenny the elephant. This is so typical Dallas & is just more evidence of the City Council fiddling while the city burns. This City Council will not be around when the infrastructure falls apart. It's just another legacy that our children & grandchildren will have to deal with. Now that's responsible leadership.


The moral of this story is don't have a poll unless you are prepared to live with the results. I think the plan was always to name it Riverfront and I disagree with one of the other comments if Marcus or Johnson had won it would have been named after them. I agree the Mayor doesn't look good over this but it is my understanding that Councilman Neumann really pushed for the poll so a special Bronx Cheer needs to go to him for helping to create this stupid situation and the costs to all the businesses on Ross to get new stationary ect.


You all realize this is just a distraction to work you up so you don't notice when the city and Leppert have to renege on their pledge to keep the costs of the project at 2007 levels, right?

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