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Aug 28, 2008



If I want "chain" food from nationally francised restaurants I venture outside of my neighborhood, usually west of NC xpressway.

IMO Paciugo is not a welcomed addition to the neighborhood. I prefer locally owned (not franchised) establishements.

Gelato Boy


Paciugo is locally owned.


I dislike franchises as much as the next East Dallas person - but these people seem to have really invested in our neighborhood. And I will patronize franchises founded in Dallas - Chili's, On The Border, etc. We haven't had an ice cream store (or in this case the even yummier gelato) in a long time - here were two in Lakewood Shopping Center in my lifetime, plus the soda fountains at Skillern's and Harrell's. Polar Bear Ashburn's on Skillman is also long gone.

Would you rather have the casket store there again?


I drove by earlier this week and didn't think it had a prayer of opening in August (as we were last told). Can't think of a better way to celebrate the holiday weekend. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Matt Wood

I was beginning to think they'd miss the entire summer season - glad it got going! Welcome to the neighborhood, Dallas-based Pacuigo. I've no doubt my family will be regulars.


I welcome the new store. The front exterior looks great. The less lease space the better for the area. Parking looks like it could be an issue though. I hope it does well.


Whoo hoo!!! Can't wait!!! I'm tired of wasting gas and time to trek across to their other locations to fulfill my addictions. The fact that it is a locally owned business makes it even sweeter. If only they will regularly have my elusive favorite: peanut butter chocolate swirl. Sigh...

April at Paciugo Lakewood

**Update** Unfortunately, we will not be able to train our staff sufficiently in order to open by Saturday. I am really excited about opening and can't wait to serve you all gelato. I hope you all love our store as much as I do. Our new date is Sunday August 31st (hey, it's still August, right) 12pm-10pm. If I had been able to work miracles, believe me, would we have been open at the beginning of summer :-) Hope to see you soon!!

BTW, your Lakewood Paciugo is locally owned. My husband and I live just about three miles away from the store. We plan to raise our future family in Lakewood and live here for a very long time :-)

Cathy, thanks for your excitement...just for that, we'll make sure we make your favorite gelato Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl on our opening day, Sunday August 31st!!


Lakewood retail has been blessed with only a small number of Nationally franchised operations (Jack in the Box, Starbucks, and Pappa John's). thankfully Carraba's, another national chain, was shutdown due to poor performance. When I want coffe I go to Legal Grounds, when I want pizza I go to Scallini's. the locally owned independents do a better job of providing better food and service.

Although Paciugo may be locally owned, it is a national franchise that can be found across America. Nothing special about it.

David Smith

...and Robert is probably happy about nothing most of the time...

who doesn't like gelato...

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