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Aug 28, 2008



I think renaming Bryan Parkway to Cesar Chavez Parkway so Schutze could live on Cesar Chavez Parkway would be approriate


ROSS IS THE ONE-AND-ONLY CHIOICE. Ross Avenue was the gathering place for the largest HUman Rights march in Texas history, in 2006 with 500,000 people. The Cathedral of Guadalupe on Ross Ave, a gathering of thousands of Hispanic parishioners every Sunday. Cesar Chavez used the Lady de Guadalupe as a symbol of peace during his movement. The DISD headquarters is located on Ross Ave. Last year 70% of kindergarten students in Dalas ISD were HISPANIC. For those who say he did nothing for Dallas; Check your research please. He came to Dallas(most recent visit 1991) and rallied for the rights of ALL laborers of all ethnic groups who worked in conditions Cesar Chavez helped change. He promoted better rights and wages to workers in Texas and the Nation. Also, thousands of workers in Dallas grew up in working conditions that Cesar Chavez worked to improve. In June the city council started a survey for renaming Industrial Ave for "marketing" (10,000 participants). Cesar Chavez receives 52% of votes; next runner-up was Riverfront with only 18%, dispite that it was ignored. In August the mayor agreed that he would suport the recommendations of the Latino city council members and asked them to cooperate with the community. IF 3 Latino councils suport it, mayor said he would support it. Cesar Chavez is a 2nd generation U.S. born citizen fought in WWII and was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Clinton... A TRUE AMERICAN HERO! Preservation of a segment of Ross where the family resided as is and include a HISTORICAL MARKER IN HONOR OF THE ROSS BROTHERS IN the corner of Ross Ave. and Market. We have NEVER HAd A THOROUGHFARE in Dallas honoring a Latino, and its about time. Cesar Chavez is OUR NATION LEADER who deserves to be honored.

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