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Aug 27, 2008



Someone said that if a city stays stagnant, it will die and I agree. Bottom-line, our city must reflect its past, present and future.
It is disappointing (disgusting) to see that although the goal of the Trinity River Project was to revitalize our community, promote economic development and create a world-class greenway; it has now become an utterly disrespectful debate. Now the city council members do not know how to best honor and respect both the history of Dallas and their pioneers and the American, civil rights leader Cesar Chavez.


ROSS IS THE ONE-AND-ONLY CHOICE. Ross Avenue was the gathering place for the largest Human Rights march in Texas histioy, in 2006 with 500,000 people. DISD headquarters is locatd on Ross Ave. Lay year 70% of Kindergarten students in Dallas ISD were Hispanic. The athedral of Guadalupe on Ross Ave, a gathering of thousands of Hispanic parishioners every Sunday. Cesar Chavez used the Lady de Guadalupe as a symbl of peace during his movement. Mayor agreed that he would support the recommendations of the Latino city council members and asked them to cooperate with the community. Preservation of a segment of Ross where the family resided as is and include a HISTORICAL MARKER IN HONOR OF THE ROSS BROTHERS IN the corner of Ross Ave. and Market. We have never had a thoroughfare in Dallas honoring a Latino. Cesar Chavez is OUR NAION LEADER who deserves to be honored.

DISD fmr student and Parent


My grandparents were married in the Cathedral in 1940, before it became the Hispanic religious center it certainly is today. They are of Scot and Irish origin. My grandmother's father was on the DISD school board for 14 years and has a school named after him.

With all respect, and I mean it most sincerely, although recent events certainly make Ross Ave. a place of great cultural importance, the city/council should not rename the street.

Mr. Chavez was a great man. Let's put up a magnificent statue of him in front of the Cathedral. There is no need to rename the street and our city leaders shouldn't do so simply to pander to our Hispanic citizens in order to make up for how they terribly handled the Trinity Industrial renaming scheme.

Let's focus our energies on the low graduation rates of DISD children, including Hispanics. Hispanics are the future of Dallas. Let's work on the future instead of writing over the past.


When 52% of people who cared enough to get involved in a City decision ask the City to recognize a hero, we expect the City to do just that. As their constituents, we believed that the City would go forward with something on which they asked our opinion, not just turn their backs when the results were revealed.
Yes, Chavez was a great man! A man who has taught some of us the power of standing of for social justice.

Why shouldn't we rename Ross Avenue?

Rick Wamre

Annie: Just for clarification, 52 percent of the people who voted in the poll voted to rename Industrial Boulevard for Chavez. Ross Avenue wasn't listed on the poll and wasn't even involved until Mayor Leppert and some members of the Trinity River subcommittee decided that renaming Industrial for Chavez didn't fit their new image for the Trinity River area; hence the name River Front for Industrial and the desperate scramble to find another street (so far, Ross) to rename and Chavez and placate the people who voted in the poll and the Hispanics on the city council.

Don Juan

many people may be misinfirmed about th ewhole renaming ross ave project. they just think that because many people are for it and think that "mexicans" are taking over, does not mean that the decision to change it should be based on race but on the fact athat they cheated the communiyt and people who took the time to vote and pay attention to the whle situation.



I understand that. I was not implying that the poll was dedicated to Ross. Allow me to clarify. What I was saying was that the city voted and that should be respected. I understand that they felt Chavez did not fit the project. The big picture here is that citizens chose Chavez because they felt that this hero deserves to be honored. Later when Mayor Leppert and the Trinity River subcommittee proposed Ross, the community did not mind changing their focus because the point was to honor this hero.

When I asked why we should not rename Ross I was hoping to get a REAL answer. I have read several other blogs where, unfortunately, the reasons seemed rather racist.

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