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Sep 09, 2008



Those are still not reason to rename a street for him. Let us not forget that Chavez has a school named after, a plaque at the Farmers Market and the city honored him by associating him with Labor Day


Have you noticed the sign hanging on the fence by the Sunset Lounge way down on Ross just before you get to Central? It reads www.saveross.com. Check it out. It has a place where you can sign a petition to keep the name and save tax money. Maybe an extra pot hole or two could be filled then using our tax money to rename a street.


So he visited Dallas and led protests, BFD. Pick a street where the residents actually petition to rename it Cesar Chavez rather than try to ram it down the throat of East Dallas residents

Bill Betzen

There are many reasons, in addition to the work of Cesar Chavez with citizens of Dallas and in Dallas over the years, to rename Ross Avenue in honor of Cesar Chavez. First, the largest recorded public poll for the renaming of a street in Dallas ovewhelmingly showed that Cesar Chavez was the choice. That should surprise nobody. Dallas is 43% Hispanic. Cesar Chavez is the most visible national Hispanic leader of this generation. He is the perfect example of what leadership is possible due to the freedoms we enjoy here in the USA. What he achieved could not have been done elsewhere. There are thousands of books and other publications that mention his work. Over a hundred are actually about him and his work and writing. When anyone visiting Dallas sees the Cesar Chavez Avenue street sign the chance that they will know who the street is named for is infinitely greater than if they see 'Ross Ave.'

Even citizens of Dallas who had lived here over 50 years did not know who Ross Avenue was named for! The Cesar Chavez Task Force wants to make the history of the Ross Brothers more public by working to secure approval for, and provide funding for, a historical marker on the most walked intersection in the West End on what is now Ross. Their history should be known. It is better known now due to this debate but without change it will soon be lost and revert to what we had 6 months ago.

We must not loose our history. Please go to www.CesarChavezTaskForce.com to see the many reasons for the selection of Ross Avenue.

Rick Wamre

Bill: Just a comment on your post - the poll you are referring to showing that "Cesar Chavez was the choice" had nothing to do with Ross Avenue. Instead, that poll was taken by the city to choose a name for Industrial Boulevard, and Chavez was selected by most of the participants in the poll. Only after Mayor Leppert and a majority of the council's Trinity River subcommittee unilaterally decided to disregard the poll did Ross Avenue come into the picture, and that was only as a compromise choice to quell a potential revolt by Hispanic members of the city council.

Bill Betzen

Rick, your post is correct. My original statement of "First, the largest recorded public poll for the renaming of a street in Dallas ovewhelmingly showed that Cesar Chavez was the choice" was correct as well.

In studying the Ross Avenue history I just noticed that the Ross Avenue name was bestowed within 24 months of the first Ross brother moving to Dallas. I presume it was just a dirt road back then, as were most roads back then, but it was a start. Both brothers lived for over 30 years after the street was named. I wonder what the date on their buying the property now located past Greenville Avenue was. If it was also before 1868 then this was the road to their property. I presume that had a lot to do with the name. It also passed through a lot of land that also belonged to them, or at one time belonged to them, in the history of Dallas.

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