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Sep 24, 2008



A couple of questions - how many work in administration?

Could you elaborate on what 'the strategic hires' do? Are they the foreign Spanish-speaking teachers with alternative certification, for example?

DallasISD teacher

I would also like to know what the strategic hires do. I want to know if they are in the admin building or on the campuses.

Rick Wamre

Here's an answer to your questions from DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander:

"He (Hinojosa) was referring to the teachers hired to reduce class-sizes, particularly at the secondary level, as well as those hired so that we could offer collaborative planning time for secondary teachers. He has been consistent with this message from the start. The reduced class-sizes are factored into the standards of service document that you have {Dahlander forwarded these documents to me}. He (Hinojosa) did say that, if the cuts aren't enough, we may have to do one of two things: 1) pierce the fund balance again or 2) change the standards of service — neither of which are desirable, so we're working to do everything to avoid that."

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