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Sep 11, 2008



I seem to remember something about Belo having too many people on staff and not enough income to support them.

Does anyone really take a Dallas News story on DISD seriously? There may be some truth in there but they are so biased and out of touch with anything beyond 3700 Ross (namely 220 schools and 20,000 employees) that most DISD constituents tune them out.

Rick Wamre

Looks like the fur is already flying at DISD headquarters: the DMN's blog has a sort-of breathless running summary of the day's events, along with a few pointed comments (not necessarily backed up by facts yet) that Hinojosa coulda/shoulda known something was up awhile ago...



Breathless running summary, a.k.a. "feeding frenzy"?

I also heard Plano is $25 million in the hole. Gee they would have to drive up there and check that out. Much easier to pop over to 3700 Ross.


Typical East Dallas always ready to spin anything negative DISD into a positive you are the problem. Nobody really looks at DISD critically it’s always too negative for you people, but you will always have a mediocre school district and the whole city will suffer. You should check on those school ratings they are bogus TEA gave exceptions again, but you spun that too.

Rick C.

Can I take my "yes" vote back from the bond election?

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