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Sep 12, 2008



Seeing all the bullet holes in the Stop signs by the club is enough to convince me that this place needs to go. Oh and it's located next to the YMCA!


The dance hall use simply does not mesh well with the surrounding residential uses.


The permit dispute is outlandish. The clubs have been in this location for a long, long time. The only reason these residents are complaining now is because the patrons are mostly Hispanic. You don't hear them complain about the volley ball bar & club next door or some of the other bars in the area. There are no houses within several blocks of these clubs. There is no history of any crime to the neighborhood from these clubs. Rather, these complaints arise purely from prejudice for Hispanics by whites. The clubs should be allowed to operate despite of the race of the patrons. Racism by the city is against federal law.

Lakewood Man

PLEASE Kimmy!! I hear the outcome of this club closing EVERY weekend. I don't care if the people are purple, green, black or brown, this place is dangerous. They people who frequent this place have little regard for the property or safety of the people who live nearby. They drive up Grand Ave. guns blazing every weekend. The crime at this place is WELL documented with over 100 police calls this year to date. DPD has to allocate extra patrols away from the city evey weekend due this club. Quit trying to play the race card on this one. This place has got to go, and lucky for me, my neighborhood is very well prepared and equiped to make it happen.

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