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Sep 29, 2008



Jeb Hensarling is also the protege of Phil Gramm and Karl Rove. 'Nuff said.

Farinata X

Hensarling reminds me of every obnoxious student body president I ever knew.

Rick Wamre

Hensarling stopped by our office earlier this year and answered questions about a whole range of topics (his staffer called and asked if they could stop by, which is unusual because we don't offer editorial endorsements of politicians like the News does). Even then, he was concerned about the lack of leadership in Washington in terms of getting a handle on expenditures, and this was long before we wound up in the perpetual "crisis" state we seem to be in right now. I've never found him to be a particularly "warm" guy the few times I've run across him, but I have found him to be a smart and independent thinker. The way things are going in Washington right now, I think we need more people like Hensarling — agree with them politically or not — who are willing to stand against the storm of people clamoring for immediate action, regardless of what it is, and work together in a bipartisan manner to come up with a plan that is fair. That's what I see happening in Washington right now among the House members who are saying "let's slow down" to work across party lines to solve the problem.


Henserling, unlike Pete Sessions isn't in the tank for the Chamber of Commerce and is in Washington representing his district very well. His approval ratings are very high.

Watch Pete Sessions approvals plummet with the DOW.

And Hutchinson has no chance of getting the Governorship. She isn't a Democrat and she has abandoned most Republican principals.

Nick Robison

I unfortunately voted for Henserling and never will again. We need to solve this economic crisis and not use it as a political pawn. If he didn't keep voting for deregulation after deregulation bills we wouldn't be here where we are today. Bush, McCain, have it right to vote for this bailout.

By the way--- Kay Bailey will win be the next governor. Out with horrible Rick Perry and in with a mainstream Republican. Good bye evangelicals feeling like they control the Republican party- mainstream REPUBLICANS are BACK!


Mainstream Republicanism = Bush, Chamber of Commerce, more illgeal immigration, a sinking dollar, bigger government, and overall incompetence and corruption.


"If he didn't keep voting for deregulation after deregulation bills we wouldn't be here where we are today."

Deregulation had nothing to do with the current problem, in fact, it's just the opposite, too much government intervention. Here's a link to a good article -


Hensarling is a good guy and he's been getting a lot of well deserved support from conservatives in and outside his district.

Nick Robison

Deregulation is the problem. We have these CEO's getting golden paracutes when there companies go under and sufer NO consequences. I am not a big supporter of big government but sometimes we need government regulations. People are greedy and without CHECKS AND BALANCES more bailouts will occur.

Robert-- we have seen what bible-beater,fanatical evangelicals do when they take over the Republican party--- they run it into the ground. We need to go back to the days of Teddy Roosevelt where wait it meant to be Republican was fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Those evangelical holy rollers can start their own party!


Deregulation is the problem.

No, it's not. Fannie and Freddie were already well regulated quasi government/private institutions, more government than private. Imposing further regulations may have solved the problem, but that doesn't mean deregulation caused the problem to begin with. The problem was caused by government, democrats to be specific, pushing fannie and freddie to give risky loans. Instead of imposing more regulation, the better solution would be to hold the people responsible accountable.


"pushing fannie and freddie to give risky loans"

That should be "buy" risky loans.

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