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Sep 05, 2008



Wow! Most of the comments on the Dallas news article are brutal. The article doesn't say anything thing except other drivers think he was going over 100 and he hit the median. First, I really wish the press would do a much better job of reporting stories like this. Leaving all the holes open apparently allows people to fill them in with their prejudice and idiocy. People categorically assumed so many things about this guy based on things they've seen on TV and some things they've seen in person while driving and they speak so brutally forming judge and jury. I know for a fact that some drivers take it to the next level even, acting as punisher.

It would be a much better place if people in general were just a tad bit more forgiving and respected everyone around them as much as they'd like to have that same amount of respect. Out on the road, it's not personal unless you make it personal.


For the record, in addition to the rider safety class, a no-helmet MC operator must carry a minium amount of insurance ($10,000, i think).

If true, at 100 mph a down rider most likely wouldn't live. A helmet wouldn't have saved this rider's life.

Michael in LH

I doubt a helmet would have saved most of those recently killed in motorcycle wrecks. Adding a helmet law is nothing but a feel good measure. We don't need any more nanny state laws. The fact is that people are going to do dangerous things and some of them are going to be injured and killed. It is not the government's job to protect people from themselves.


I used to ride motorcycles for a living as a motorcycle escort, and I can tell you that most of the problems are caused by motorists who treat motorcycles as if they shouldn't be on the road and those who tailgate, etc. If you get some insurance company statistics, you will find out that the reason insurance is very inexpensive for motorcycle riders is because the overwhelming majority of accidents, the motorcycle rider was not at fault. During my days as escort rider, I was the ONLY rider who did not get hit by a car that didn't yield when it should have. Motorcycles are very dangerous, and no amount of headgear will save the rider in a direct hit. Yes, there are careless riders, and that increases their chances of wrecking by about 10%, because that's roughly the percent of motorcycle accidents attributed to motorcycle drivers.

kia of riverside

Tons of people are addicted and prefer a ride on a motorcycle. And because of the increase on the demands on motorcycle, the rate of motorcycle accident also increase.


Motorcycles are certainly a more cost effective alternative to rising cost of gas. But it doesn't mean that you need to fear riding one because of the rising numbers of injuries on bikes. I would recommend taking a beginners riding class, even if you have been riding for a long time. That way you can brush up on some defensive maneuvers and learning to lay your bike down and how to avoid a collision. It's really good to brush up on things like that, and learn some new things that you weren't aware of.

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